Celal Bayar University - Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center
CBU - Muradiye Campus - Prof. Ümit Doğay Arınç Cultural Center
Sultan Mosque - Manisa
CBU - Muradiye Campus
CBU - Office of the Rector - Manisa
CBU - Muradiye Campus
A Traditional Building in Manisa
A view from Manisa
A view from Manisa - Tarzan of Manisa
A view from Manisa
A view from Manisa
CBU - Muradiye Campus - Cafeteria
CBU - Muradiye Campus
CBU - Muradiye Campus - Engineering Faculty
CBU - School of Physical Education and Sport
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ICMCA 2013

           The first of these conference series was organized in Manisa (Turkey) in 1996, the second in Baku (Azerbaijan) in 1999 and the third in Konya (Turkey) in 2002. This international conference is devoted to original research in the field of engineering, natural sciences or social sciences where mathematical and/or computational techniques are necessary for solving specific problems. The aim of the conference is to provide a medium by which a wide range of experience can be exchanged among researchers from diverse fields such as engineering (electrical, mechanical, civil, industrial, aeronautical, nuclear etc.), natural sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology etc.) or social sciences (administrative sciences, economics, political sciences etc.). The papers may be theoretical where mathematics is used in a nontrivial way or computational or combination of both. Papers containing only experimental techniques and abstract mathematics without any sign of application are discouraged.

MCA Journal Volume 18 Number 3(Special Issue of ICMCA 2013)
Proceeding Book of ICMCA 2013
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